Delivery & FAQ

          Q 1.  What's so special about your shirts?

Everyone has a different requirement from a shirt. However, we believe that comfort and looking smart right to the end of the day are at the top of the list. If this meets your requirements then you should definitely give us a try!.

Q 2.   What fabric do you use?

We use specially selected superfine cotton and linen. Remember, natural fibre is like wine and the qualities vary from year to year so our expert fibre graders ensure that only raw material that meets our exacting standards is used. This is then spun into yarn and woven exclusively for us.

Q 3.   Do you have a choice of sleeve length?

Yes, we offer Regular Sleeves and Extra Long Sleeves. We also offer a choice of regular and slim fits.

Q 4.   Are your collars traditional or cutaway?

We have always opted for a semi-cutaway collar because we believe this provides the perfect frame for your tie no matter which kind of tie knot you prefer.

Q 5.   Are your fabrics non-iron?

Our fabrics iron very easily but they are not non-iron. This is because most non-iron treatments use a chemical coating on the fabric and we prefer to keep our fabrics as chemical-free as possible.

Q 6.   Do your double cuffs feature two button holes?

Yes the inside side of the cuff has two positions allowing you to increase or reduce the sleeve length by half an inch. However, did you know that this feature originally had nothing to do with sleeve length? It first came into being when the Victorian gentleman wanted to retain a clean cuff line. After a day walking the smog-filled streets of London, his cuff edge would appear unclean. The extra cuff link position allowed him to roll the cuff forward by half an inch thus moving the smog-created dark line up inside the cuff and the shirt appeared clean enough to wear for the evening meal!

Q 7.   Which is best for me - Regular Fit or Slim Fit?

Whether to go for our regular fit or slim fit shirts is a matter of personal preference. Our advice would be to try our regular fit if you are of heavy build or are used to the traditional generous shirt look. If you are of medium build or have an athletic shape, then you will probably be happier with our slim fit shirts which feature a sharper cut.

Q 8.   Why do you have rounded cuff corners?

This is another traditional tailoring feature that takes a little longer to stitch but is the sign of a quality shirt. Have you ever noticed that a square edged cuff is one of the first things to fray on a shirt? This is because the corner of your cuff is constantly receiving friction from desks when typing or writing. We simply remove this right angle to provide a smooth line so this friction is not concentrated at just one point. This means your cuff should last longer. 

FAQ: Order, Delivery and Returns

How do I pay?

There are two methods of payment, Online Payments and Offline Payments. Please find the details of these payments below:

A. On-line Payments:

Purchases made on can be paid for online through our secure Payment Gateway.

Once you have completed the Checkout Process and click on the ‘Make Payment’ button you will be taken to the CC Avenue secure site to select your payment method and complete your payment. On completion, you will be redirected back to

If you have any clarifications please mail the details of your transaction to

 B. Off-line Payments: In Offline Payments you have two options:

i)  Cheque/DD:

To be made in favour of GAMA INDUSTRIES COIMBATORE LIMITED and couriered to the following address: Gama Industries Coimbatore Limited, 90 East South Garden Road, Vadachittor Main Road, Chettipalayam, Coimbatore 641201 

Phone: +91 90477 14331


ii) Bank Transfer:

To be made in favour of Gama Industries Coimbatore Limited, 

Bank:State Bank Of India

Account number : 10286414386

Bank Branch: SME Branch, Kurichi, Coimbatore-641021

Type of Account: Current Account


IFSC Code: SBIN0003595

Once you have made the transfer, please mail the details of the transaction to


Your order will be processed on receipt of 100% advance payment. Goods will be delivered within 2 weeks from the date of receipt.

Q 1.   What are your delivery charges?

We ship free in India. For international orders we charge Rs 1500/- per order. A single order cannot exceed 3 pieces.

Q 2.   I've placed my order online but have made a mistake. What can I do?

If you have submitted an order online and need to make changes, please mail us at 

Q 3.   What is your delivery time?

We will ship your order as quickly as possible. Sometimes due to demand we may need as much as 2 weeks for delivery. Please be assured that in these rare cases we shall keep you informed of the status of your order.

Q 4.   What is your returns policy?

If your shirt has not been worn you can return it to us within 10 days of purchase for an exchange. If your shirt is unworn and still in its original packaging, you can return it to us for up to 30 days for an exchange.

Q 5.   How do I return an item?

Please mail us at requesting for a return authorisation, stating the reason for return as well as citing the order number and the item code. Once we send you a return authorisation, we shall also inform you when to have the goods despatched to us.

Q 6. I live outside India. Do you offer international shipment?

Yes we do. Delivery charges will be Rs.1500 per order.(Maximum number of pieces per order is 3)