Welcome to our blog - The Thin Red Line


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Welcome to our blog - The Thin Red Line

Fashion is a difficult subject. For a man it is even more so. In a business environment, some colours and some things are just not acceptable no matter who you are.

Large multi-coloured checks may be perfectly stylish and acceptable on a Sunday, but do not convey either style or seriousness at the work place. Business dressing also means that sneakers, white socks, round neck T-shirts and the like are never acceptable. This applies equally to Friday dressing.

Thin Red Line was established to create and produce the Finest Business shirts without them costing a King’s ransom.

The objective of our blog is to open up a world of options for you to stay fashionable and make your mark at the workplace, without ever crossing that line into the black hole of fashion where you are noticed for all the wrong things.

Some men’s fashion belongs in the movies, fashion magazines or on the ramp, but definitely not in the boardroom. Understand that the boardroom does not have to be the ‘bored-room’

What the blog will do is help you blend style and class that will make you fit for the boardroom, without being boring. Remember that fashion is fickle but style endures. Our main writer is Swati Mehta, a digital communications professional. Writing is her hobby and profession. An activist at heart, she believes in standing up for causes close to her heart. She enjoys reading, travelling, eating, and keeping up with her favourite TV shows.

We hope you will enjoy following our blog as much as we will enjoy putting it together. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions write to us at

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